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We are required to write down a JavaScript operate that takes in a string that incorporates a paragraph’s textual content as the primary argument and a chunk dimension quantity because the second argument . The first step on the road to menstrual fairness is to talk about menstruation, so allow us to unite behind the shared term of “menstrual well being”. By framing menstruation as part of WASH and by using overly technical language associated to cleanliness in policy and program documents, organizations are perpetuating the concept that menstruation is unclean. This framing additionally leads to unintended biases during program design and implementation, and represents a failure to view menstruation as a public well being, well-being and, above all, a human rights issue. So hopefully you are not going through a severe case of hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

Natalie Wolchover was a staff author for Live Science from 2010 to 2012 and is at present a senior physics writer and editor for Quanta Magazine. She holds a bachelor’s diploma in physics from Tufts University and has studied physics on the University of California, Berkeley. Along with the staff of Quanta, Wolchover received the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory writing for her work on the building of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Note that the wbr tag doesn’t mandate the break however is just an indicator that if a break is required, then the placement of the wbr tag is a suitable place to interrupt. This attribute is generally used in locations that may not in any other case be used for line breaks, such as in the middle of a word. Explanation and example for breaking words for each of the Six Syllable Types. The Syllable Sort Cards provide a fun, hands-on approach to reinforce studying the Syllable Types.

The language+script combos listed in the table are solely examples, and solely refer to writing systems in fashionable use. Where a language name isn’t followed by a script name, each language and script have the identical name. Note that it just isn’t uncommon for a given language to be written using multiple script. Syllabication refers back to the strategy of deconstructing words into their syllables, following specific rules. Learning the method to do syllabication helps college students turn out to be extra conversant in the roots of language and will increase their capacity as sophisticated decoders and spellers.

For instance, it’s your decision one section to have two columns with out including columns to the entire doc. In some situations, a mechanism is required to prevent line-breaks occuring. The Japanese instance above shows clearly how line breaks are often prohibited earlier than certain punctuation marks.

So I really just wish to do the word cloud based on the complete text of the customized column i created for each key phrase. To explicitly teach each technique, we work on phrases out of context. While we’ve time for reading together, I spend 5-7 minutes of taking a glance at phrases other than a guide.

In April 2021, a new definition of menstrual well being was proposed by the Global Menstrual Collective Terminology Action Group. These elements are essential in the development of these packages and the wider dialog, as menstruation does not happen in a vacuum, however is a shared expertise, charged with cultural that means. The use of inaccurate language to deal with menstruation goes past the person, interpersonal, and neighborhood degree.

However, typically, when you use “shatter” as an exclamation, people will perceive that cup has damaged somewhere and has led to that noise. We all know that words are made up of syllables, but we don’t at all times know exactly where syllables should be split. Here are two decoding expertise from the Reading Horizons Methodology, that you can use to show your college students how to properly break up words into syllables. There are 45 phrases starting with break, listed beneath sorted by word size. Section breaks create a barrier between totally different components of a document, allowing you to format each part independently.

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